Paper Party Masks - A Year Round Seller

What are they?
Made of thick paper, printed, embossed and die cut into a mask. These masks fit an adult face. Most are sold in a display box of 24 Masks with 8 assorted designs. Each assortment has a theme. See all our masks here.
Many uses:
Masks can be used for many occasions all year long. We hear reports from customers who have sold them for wedding parties during the summer and New Year's during the winter. And, of course, they always go well for Mardi Gras and Halloween.
How to display:
They come in a display box and can be sold just like that although many of our customers get a bit more creative. They go well in shop windows to attract passer-bys. If you have wall space, two or three hanging on a wall brings attention to them. For our trade shows, we use little magnets and chain to hang them on the wall. Whatever you do, we suggest having a mirror handy as your customers can not resist them once they see themselves with one on. Order some masks today by clicking here.


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