Traditional Advent Calendars

Our Advent Calendars carry on a long tradition. Originating in Germany, Advent Calendars are used to mark the days of Advent leading up to Christmas day. Our Calendars are all made in Germany and come with Envelopes. We have over 130 designs to choose from.
Countdown to Christmas
Each calendar has 24 small windows. The windows are opened each day before Christmas starting on the first of December. There is a small picture behind each window. We also have them with bible verses (see below) behind each window.See our full range here.
Religious Advent Calendars
Some of are Advent Calendars celebrate the days of Advent with a biblical quote behind each window.See our special religious range here.
When to Display
The days of Advent are a celebration up to Christmas. Our calendars start on the 1st of December. It is important to get your advent calendars into your store at least one month before you usually get your Christmas items. As many of the end users like to mail them to friends and family, allowing a good amount of time before December 1st is recommended. July is a good time to start displaying calendars in your store. We do have some customers though who like to put them out as soon as Easter is finished. Order here.


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